WITS 3 is offered to all authorized WITS 3 users under the WITS 3 contract with Verizon Federal. Attending WITS 3 training is required to become an authorized user. For course descriptions, training schedules and registration information:

  • Consider training options in Client's Guide.
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  • See Training Calendar
  • Complete WITS 3 Training Request Form
  • Note: DoD customers must complete the DoD WITS 3 Training Registration Form
    available on the DTS-W Web site or contact the DTS-W Customer Care Center at 703-697-2193
  • Contact WITS 3 Training Coordinator at 202-392-7153

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    Authorized Users

    To become an authorized user contact:

  • GSA Customer Relations Management Center (CRMC):
  • DoD/DTS-W Customer Care Center (CCC):
  • WITS 3 Federal Customer Service Center (FCSC):
  • WITS 3 Training Coordinator:
  • WITS 3 Access Help Desk:
    1-800-381-3444, option 6
  • Your Verizon Federal Account Manager.
  • This system is for Verizon customer users only. In order to keep it secure, Verizon may monitor the use of this application and act as necessary to prevent, investigate, and prosecute misuse or fraud.
    All services may not be available to all customers.